Wednesday, June 23, 2004

An atheist's prayer

An atheist’s prayer

Free of god-guilt weight,
Free of what-Jesus-would-do worry,
I make my way in a world clear of angels
and clean of miracles
Longing replaces prayer

Gently now, gently
can I love?
Am I allowed?
Do I have to wait until the world has time,
has healed,
has room for it?

Maybe I start from a distance,
smiling at all my favorite parts,
noticing long enough to cherish,
enjoying just as is.

Can I love
without piercing hunger,
without aching need,
without the declaration that says MINE?

I blow you a silver dandelion
carefully imagine how we might begin
save the first-star-I-see for you
You take it.
No, you.
No, you.

Help me put all the monsters to bed.
Turn off the clock.
I’ll inhale your admiration


(c) Regina Rodriguez January, 2004

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