Friday, June 18, 2004

Dating, Part One

I'm encouraged by the responses to yesterday's posting about America's foreign policy. Some responded here and some friends emailed me directly. Thank you for telling me you feel the same way. I feel less alone and I feel like a silence has been broken.

I'm lightening up the subject for today. Here's a posting about my dating life. It never ends.
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Glimpses of Too Many First Dates (each line describes a DIFFERENT first date)

I am -
on my 60-minute lunch break
moving slowly with all the time in the world
running late and out of breath trying to stay cool at the same time
hopeful that this will take all night.

I enter -
hoping that hair and lipstick are cooperating
hungry and ill-tempered as a two-year-old
gorgeous in vibrant color and planted confidence
knowing that the odds of this one being “it” suck.

We interact -
relaxed as two friends doing laundry
unable to figure each other out
with conversation as smooth as a balloon rising
with conversation as smooth as a wheelchair on gravel
determined as a plodding traveller
delighted as the color yellow.

The chemistry -

We part -
smiling at the warmth inside
with self-loathing for a miserable display
intrigued and hopeful
wanting to email each other immediately
grateful for a good meal anyway
knowing we did our best
certain that it’s all hopeless.

© Regina Rodriguez, June 2003


Biff said...

Hi. This is Jackie. Thought I'd post. I tried to just post, but then it asked me for my password so I got confused and stuff and now I guess I have my own blog. Sheesh.

Anyway, very cool site. Lots of deep thoughts. Thought the dating piece was good. And I can't wait to talk to you about your play. You are a talented writer, and you have given me more insight into who you are as a person. Thank you for the opportunity.

See you Sunday at the Festival. I get to see you and another friend of mine perform. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

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