Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dawn of the Edge

What is this "edge" I refer to and what am I doing on it? Well, most days it's a hazy, far-off concept that doesn't concern me much. On bad days, it becomes the dividing point between sanity and delusion, the edge of my own reason, eh? And in my grandiose moments it refers to the cutting edge of creation and creativity, my unique vision that no one will ever fully understand or biologically inherit, god willing. Does mental instability have to accompany artistic ability? Answering that question won't make me any happier, so I leave it to those with mental energy to burn and research grants to spend.

Welcome to my world.


Dwight said...

Hello, regina. good that you have done this. What fun. You have always been one to share freely, at least to a certain extent. It will take me a little getting used to but the path of responding to yours seemed to insist that I establish my own. But I have writing to do and the library to go to before I sleep.

how about the question does artistic expression open possibilities of freedom and mental stability? I would say yes.

Diana said...

I was trying to respond to the inheritance posting.
Had some techinical difficulties. Anyway, just
wanted to let you know I understand your frustration
with this whole war ordeal. Unfortunately, we are
in for the long haul. This hot mess of a war is going to
impact other generations. This is a perfect example
of why humans haven't been able to evolve to another
level. This country is so faraway from getting International
respect when it goes around bullying other countries. Anyway, don't go jumpin'over the edge just yet, we need all the Chicana's with brains:)