Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Help "Kerry" Bush Out of the White House

I don’t really know what has gotten into me this year. I started volunteering with the Kucinich campaign last fall motivated by nothing more than boredom and loneliness, and now I’ve taken on personal commitments to do whatever I can to get Bush out of the White House this November. Strange how these things go. I feel driven. And heck, I still have the free time, so why not?

So please indulge me as I share this information. I know we’re each working against the injustices of the Bush administration in our own way, and my ideas might not appeal to people who have already made their own commitments to change. But IN CASE you’re interested…

How you can help “Kerry” Bush out of the White House:

1) Write to Senator John Kerry about whatever issues feel important to you. If he moves towards the political center to win over conservative voters, he will lose the support of the demographic groups that can WIN us the election: single women, minorities, young people, etc. Now is the time for him to move left or he will lose the support he needs. You can write him at: Kerry For President, 901 15th St, NW, Floor 700, Wash DC, 20005. Or write Mr. Terry McAuliffe, Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Wash, DC, 20003.

2) Remind any friends/neighbors who have recently moved to register to vote. Find out which of your friends is not registered and encourage them to register and vote. Go to the Chicago Elections website for information on voter registration, absentee ballots, etc.

3) Ask me for more ways to help get people registered and ways to make sure they get to the polls on Election Day.

4) Plan to take the day off of work on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd. First, go vote. Then volunteer to help get voters to the polls, especially if you have a car. Senior citizens need help. Busy mothers with children need help. You can think of more, I’m sure. Or volunteer to work at a precinct (see next suggestion).

5) Go to the Chicago Elections website for information on how to be a deputy registrar (registering people to vote), poll watcher (make sure voters’ rights are respected and look out for illegal precinct behavior), judge of election (actually be responsible for the conduct of the election in the precinct polling place), or a student judge (high school seniors only).

6) Contact the American Friends and Service Committee which is giving free voter registration training. It lasts about an hour and a half and then they provide opportunities for you to use those skills, or you can organize voter registration events in your neighborhood. NOTE: You must be registered to vote in Chicago or Cook County to become a deputy registrar in this area. Call Megan at 312-427-2533 ext. 34 or email her at

7) Rally against Bush and Company at the Republican National Convention on August 29th.

8) Edit this list to make the information relevant to people in other parts of the state/country and send it to friends/relatives there.

9) As always: donate money, if you can!. No one expected Kerry to be able to match Bush’s funds, swelled by “Bush Pioneers” who each raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from their wealthy friends. But hundreds of thousands of small donors have kept John Kerry’s campaign competitive and gotten a strong message to undecided voters. People giving as much as $25 or $50 are having a real impact on the campaign. After Kerry accepts the Democratic nomination on July 29th, his spending will be limited by the Presidential Public Funding. Give now to the Kerry campaign.

10) Lastly, please share this information with ANYONE who might want to work to get Bush out of office. Let me know what ideas you can add to the list.

The Republican Party stole the election in 2000 and they will do it again if they can. Let’s not let them! But Bush does have the bucks, so we need everyone to be a part of this effort.


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