Friday, July 30, 2004

Believing in Yourself

I've been watching the Democratic presidential nominees for months now and the thing that most strikes me about them (John Kerry and John Edwards in particular) is that they never, ever doubted that they would get where they are going. There is a sureness, an unshakable belief in themselves that carries them forward and prevents any despair at their situations and circumstances. How do you get this quality? Where does it come from, and why didn't I get any? I suspect it's born with you, installed from birth. Maybe some people can inherit or learn it from their self-esteem-laden parents. I didn't and that's just how it is.

Dennis Kucinich has it, too. His heart and his spirit are bigger than the Republican convention pricetag as he throws his support behind John Kerry. I still support you, Dennis! I will always know you were the one who deserved the nomination.

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