Friday, August 06, 2004

O the wacky Vatican

O the wacky Vatican. An AP article written last Saturday says of the latest Vatican-released document about women and the Christian family,

"[It] said the 'temporal and earthly expression of sexuality is transient,' and cited Scripture suggesting that a married couple's existence in heaven would be celibate."

A married couple's existence in heaven would be celibate? For all eternity? Okay, I'm not even going to make the obvious jokes. I'll just say that this is typical of why I can't take the Vatican or the Pope seriously: they produce rules and laws about things like the unknowable afterlife, such as what a dead married couple will (not) be doing for all eternity. You can't govern the afterlife! In my opinion, you're on shaky ground trying to impose rules and laws on people's sexuality and churchgoing activity and diet. But the afterlife? Rules about what we'll do after we're dead?


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