Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sudan: U.S. Has No Credibility Left

I just read a letter to the Chicago Tribune Editor that says the United States Congress passed a "non-binding resolution" that calls for the Bush administration and the U.N. to take action against the genocide happening in Sudan and begin immediate measures to help the refugees of Darfur where hundreds of thousands of men, women and childen are being murdered, raped, or are dying of starvation and disease. Here's the part of the letter I'm upset about:

"This resolution has not gone over well in parts of the world where, due to our unilateral action in Iraq and its aftermath, our government's intentions are seen as mercurial at best. As a result many around the world are expending great energy in a debate over whether the situation in Sudan truly constitutes 'genocide' instead of taking action to bring relief to victims of Darfur and pressuring others to do the same."

Oh. My. God. Like the boy who cried wolf, our credibility is shot just when we need it. Or rather, just when the people of Darfur need it. Because of that stupid, ego-driven, not-worth-it, too-many-lives-lost, farce of a "war" in Iraq, we can't lead the world in a charge to solve the true international crisis of genocide in Sudan. Because of the "war" on Iraq, we can't lead the world in anything. No one is listening to us. The United States has become an international buffoon, marching forward and calling orders while absolutely no one follows. We have no authority and no credibility to convince anyone of anything.

Maybe the best thing would be for the United States to come out strongly in favor of the genocide in Sudan. We need every country possible to help the people of Darfur who ARE being ethnically cleansed. Maybe the best way to unify the world in a strong effort against the genocide is for the United States to state that we support it.

Jesu ...

We had better damn well hope WE don't urgently need help of any kind from any of these countries that don't trust us now.

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