Wednesday, August 11, 2004

When It's Time to Change, You've Got To Rearrange

Reasons I’m tired of being a personal/executive assistant:
• Having to do things I have no creativity for like figuring out how to ship an Oriental rug to Mexico or getting a hold of a Southern Methodist University banner by tomorrow.
• Doing things for boss' kids that I believe an 18-year-old and a 22-year-old should be able to do themselves, such as apply to get license plates replaced or book travel between Dublin and London.
• Travel arrangements.
• Handling personal stuff I’m uncomfortable with (medical insurance claims, clothing items to be returned, I won’t tell you the rest…).
• Trying to figure out the boss’ SBC phone bill which is entangled with extra charges and transferred balances month after month.
• Changing travel arrangements.
• Listening to boss clip his fingernails.
• Calling Gateway regarding servicing the son’s computer, then Gateway asks questions only the owner can answer, so I go back and tell boss and he gives answers, then I call Gateway back, then Gateway asks more questions only the owner can answer, so I go back and tell boss, etc!
• Figuring out the best Sprint cell phone plan for him and his family.
• Reconstructing what happened to his Southwest Airlines credits when he doesn’t tell me when he acquires or uses them.
• No training, no support, no peers, no one for me to get help from at all.

The reason I've stayed this long:

Enough downtime and internet access to become a blogger! (and work on music lyrics, promotional materials, creative writing, venue research, etc.)

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