Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I was officially "discharged" from my last job, which means fired. It's okay. It's happened before, it might happen again (why not?). Here's how I've been doing.


I curl myself around laziness
twirling my time through sunny days and sleeping in
celebrating my freedom with friends
coasting on their employed status

Despair crouches in the clouds,
coils at the bottom of the bottle of anti-depressants
wavers in the silence
underneath the airplane's buzz.

What's the difference between pretending to feel content and feeling content?
I'm doing one or the other.
Optimism inhabits my psyche like a flagpole stuck in a shallow grave.
If the wind doesn't blow too hard, it might withstand.

[end of poem]

Hey, here's another question for anyone who can help: My boss and I parted very amicably, agreeing the job just wasn't working out. I've applied for unemployment, but since I was "discharged," they have to interview me about why I was fired. I guess there's a chance I might not be approved for unemployment if they don't like the reasons I was fired.

Who has advice for me regarding how to answer their questions, what to expect, how to make the best case for receiving unemployment, etc? I don't have savings to cover my expenses, so this is very important. I appreciate any input! Please respond here or click on the email link to the right. This interview is on Monday. Thanks!

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