Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I like helping people move

I'm not trying to be nice or generous. Why would I do THAT?  I'm just telling the truth:  I really do like helping people move.  Lifting and carrying, especially up and down stairs, is a great workout: it works my arms, my legs, my back, everything.  It's muscle resistance and cardiovascular exercise at the same time. It's a VERY nice change from going to the gym every day, every day (yes, every day, even weekends, even when I'm on vacation).

In addition to the fitness advantages, the extra benefits are being part of a team -- I love teamwork -- getting fed, and getting to eat junk food without guilt. I helped some friends move last year and it took ALL DAY. A squadron of us loaded a moving van and some cars, drove out to Oak Park, and unloaded a moving van and some cars. They fed us donuts and pizza, which were wonderful because I could eat them without guilt because I was burning so many calories all day long. How often does that set of circumstances happen? Only on moving day! By the time the move was done in the late afternoon, we were all SPENT.  But guess what?  The next day everyone was sore as heck, except me!  I felt great!  I love helping people move. It makes me feel strong and healthy. I feel like a 5'2" secret weapon mover...

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