Saturday, September 11, 2004

Keep Hope Half-Conscious

Thanks to everyone who responded to my S.O.S. message yesterday. I got plenty of responses here and in private emails. While it sounds like some of you share my doubt and fear, most of you seem to have a firm grip on the optimistic opinion that George's supposed 11-point lead isn't entirely true and doesn't indicate the beginning of the end. I particularly appreciate Lenora Warren's link to the latest poll results from Democracy Corps and Zogby as presented by Daily Kos. And Kos links to a site called Polling Report that gives an even more detailed and good-for-the-Democrats look at several polls, right- and left-generated. Thank you, Lenora!

Even though some of you share my doubt, the most disturbing response was from an anonymous respondent who commented that s/he has been negatively affected by President Bush's legislation and has decided not to vote at all. That action/non-action still strikes me as the most suicidal of the alternatives. I wish s/he had left an email address so I could respond.

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