Thursday, September 02, 2004

Music, more music!

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m leaving my comfortable secretary job this Friday and plan to spend this fall figuring out what I want to do to earn a living and then getting a job doing that, AND spending a lot more time on my music. The Alice-in-Wonderland, catch-22 part of it is that being on unemployment will give me plenty of time to compose and practice and get really good, but it will also limit my funds so that I can’t afford to pay the guitarist and percussionist I usually peform with.

I’ll book some gigs for the next few months, but I need your help. Here’s the plan: I’ll cut my instrumentalist staff in half, using only a guitarist on my performances (preferably Neal Alger) and sacrificing the percussion. At my performances it will become more important than ever for the “pass-the-hat” part of the evening to bring in at least $50 so I can pay the guitarist (preferably, Neal Alger) for the gig. I’ll sing for free, but without the comfy corporate job, I can’t afford to perform unless I can earn the amount it will take to pay the guitarist.

Can I get your cooperation? I’ll have to figure out some way to make this pitch known to the audience without offending anyone. I’ll also accept donations even from people who can’t be at my performances, so I can earn enough keep performing (want to send a check right now?). I’ve also had to put my full-length CD plans on hold, until I have a steady paycheck coming in again.

I had a great time at Uncommon Ground Café last Sunday and it totally reminded me that I love to perform and there are people out there who want to hear my songs. So let’s do this! Let’s make some music…

Anyone who would like a CD of my performance last Sunday with Neal Alger at Uncommon Ground Cafe, EMAIL ME. It's just $6 for almost an hour of music and sardonic comments!

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