Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Freedom of the Unmarried - Single People, Volunteer!

From Saturday through election day I'll be volunteering and living in Wausau, Wisconsin where I will do whatever is necessary to get all Kerry supporters to the polls in that area. Single people like me are critical to this campaign. Let's proudly pull MORE than our weight on behalf of all those Kerry-supporters who don't have the time to sacrifice (often because of family obligations). BTW: does anyone know anything about Wausau? I don't even know how long it will take to drive there. This week I'm exercising and eating well in anticipation of a four-day pizza-and-donut diet and no time for working out.

I address this to everyone, but especially the SINGLE PEOPLE: still feeling unsure about how much time/money you can spare for this election? Chicago, Evanston and other local communities need poll watchers, runners and phonebankers. Training for these positions is happening here:

Volunteer Training for Election Day
When: Saturday, October 30, 5:00 to 6:00 pm
Chute Middle School, 1400 Oakton St, 847 859-8600

Here's a very specific opportunity: I have a friend who is very politically active and generally cool who has a volunteer opportunity for election day. She sent me an email saying she'll be volunteering on Election Day with the Election Protection volunteer corps ( She's looking for people to go to the south side of Chicago with her to do poll watching on 95th Street. Can you join her? Do you know anyone else who is looking for a way to contribute that day? Please send me an email or a comment if you're available or would like more information.

More volunteer opportunities:
Check the Kerry volunteer center.
Go to Wisconsin or another battleground state (see Illinois for Kerry for these and other volunteer opportunities).
Take part in the Buffalo Grove phonebank (1275 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove) to call people in battleground states.
Volunteer to help in the local election by contacting your congressperson or ward chairperson. If you are in the 9th
congressional district, call Jan Schakowsky's office at 847 424-1998, (email
Contact the Chicago Kerry headquarters at 312 832-0220.
Attend the Kerry rally in Madison on Thursday, with guests Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters.
Attend the final Kerry meetup on Thursday at the Firehouse Grill in Evanston or one of the other Chicagoland locations.
(see Illinois for Kerry for more meetup sites)

And if you absolutely don't have one hour to spare for this election, please donate to one of the following:

Democratic National Committee - Midnight this Friday is the deadline for making a contribution that will be used for this election.

Kos Dozen - Support congressional candidates throughout the country.

MoveOn PAC - Grassroots support of the Kerry campaign and other Democratic candidates

No regrets! Don't wake up on Nov 3 and wish you had done more to get Bush out of office. The worst possibility isn't Bush getting re-elected; the worst possibility is Bush getting re-elected and knowing you could have done more.

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