Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm in this week's Chicago Reader!

It's on page 29 of this week's Chicago Reader (October 8, 2004): an article called "Foul-Weather Dems" by Ted McClelland. Since he shadowed me as I canvassed in Wisconsin last Saturday, I'm featured and, dammit, he wrote everything down. Unfortunately, that includes a very flip, single-chick remark I made at one point that I never expected to end up in print. You'll see it when you read it. Oops. Oh, well (I can't give you a link because the article isn't available online. You just have to go out and get your hands dirty).

I know not everyone considers himself/herself a canvasser, so I'll stop pushing the canvassing and present some other ways to support the Kerry campaign. The worst case scenario isn't Bush getting re-elected; it's Bush getting re-elected and wondering if there was more you could have done. Sleep easy knowing you ARE putting in a little extra effort to get Bush out of office:

1. The Environmental Victory Project is focusing on five swing states. Sign up to write letters to undecided voters in these five crucial states. Go to

2. The Rapid Response Network is running a media watch and needs writers, researchers and editors. This one lets you help out any time you have a few minutes. Great for night owls and those uncomfortable talking to strangers. Go to

3. Bill of Rights canvasser: hand out state-specific Voters' Bill of Rights in key neighborhoods where voting rights are at risk. Encourage voter participation on election day. Go to

4.The Election Protection Coalition has identified Illinois as "high-risk" for voting rights violations on Election Day. They urgently need volunteers to perform on-site poll monitoring, offer voter assistance and to report evidence of problems to the same-day legal assistance Voters' Hotline. All training will be provided. Volunteers from all walks of life are needed, but especially lawyers, law students, clergy and Spanish speakers. Go to


5. How much time can you commit on Election Day?
30 minutes - be a Mystery Voter and help monitor your polling place.
90 minutes - record your precinct's final vote tally to help watch the vote count.
8 hours - help monitor precincts and survey voters in swing states.
Go to

6. Be a judge of election. A judge of election is the official responsible for the conduct of the election in the precinct polling place. Judges of election are the backbone of the electoral process. You must apply and be trained and you do get paid. Go to

7. Spend Election Day helping to get Kerry voters to the polls in swing states like Wisconsin. Yes, this is more door-knocking. Go to or Move On PAC (Political Action Committee).

8. See my 10/2/04 post for even more ways to volunteer.

Please choose whatever works for you and do it. Let's have fun and "Kerry" Bush OUT of the White House!

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Regina said...

Before I forget: the single-chick flip comment to which this post refers was saying that one person who answered my knock on his door was very cute. When I asked who he was voting for, he said "Bush." We were trained to just go to the next house after such an answer, but I admitted that what I wanted to do next was say, "Oh. So. Do you want to make out?" But I didn't, obviously.