Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm Off to Canvass for Kerry in Wisconsin

The Kerry campaign group I'm volunteering with has scraped up the money for lodging from Friday night through Tuesday night, so I'm actually leaving for Wausau, Wisconsin Friday morning and not coming back until Wednesday (fortunately no one will even notice that I'm gone except for my hamster). Our meals will be donated by various volunteers who will keep the headquarters stocked with plenty of food, so I'm hoping this adventure won't cost me anything. Wisconsin Kerry organizers urgently want as much help from us Chicago volunteers as possible and asked if I could spare the extra time. What else do I have to do? I don't know what online access I'll have up there, but I'm taking my laptop and hope to keep blogging.

Friday through Wednesday...what am I getting myself into?

Okay, Chicago friends, I'm counting on you to hold things together here! Please do what you can to keep this election as efficient and fair as possible. The effort of each one of us DOES count. It was a tough call to choose between poll watching in Chicago and canvassing in Wisconsin, but since I can afford to sacrifice almost a week of my time, I'm going. I'll mainly be calling and visiting the Wausau, WI houses of those who have stated support for Kerry and making sure they vote. Rain or shine, warm or cold, here we go. And when, in six months or so, the Kerry administration turns out to be a huge disappointment to leftists like me and we realize he really isn't even close to the president we wanted and people ask me how I feel about having worked so hard to elect him, I'll be able to hold my head high and say, "He's still better than Bush."

Regina's Official Prediction: John Kerry will be elected by a comfortable margin, rendering unnecessary any re-counting or legal manipulation. I don't think it will be a close election. Quote me!

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