Monday, October 25, 2004

Imagine: a Democratic Congress

Okay, if you really, REALLY can't spare one hour to volunteer for the Democratic ticket, at least send a few dollars to support the Democratic congressional candidates that are battling Republicans for seats throughout the country. In addition to electing Kerry (and even if he doesn't win) we have a chance to take back Congress! The Republicans are running a new series of horrible ads, aimed at some of these congressional candidates. Help these Democratic candidates fight back and win those seats by giving whatever you can at Move On PAC or through the Daily Kos website at

And by the way, can you believe the latest news that almost 380 tons of explosives have been missing from a former Iraqi military facility since October 10? Apparently these explosives were being monitored and controlled by U.N. inspectors before we invaded Iraq, but since then the occupying U.S. force has lost them. J freakin' christ...

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