Sunday, October 17, 2004


The worst possibility is not Bush being re-elected; the worst possibility is Bush being re-elected and wondering if there was more you could have done.

My Saturday:

1. Cramped schoolbus to and from Milwaukee, WI.
2. Gray skies, strong wind and 45 degree weather!
3. Knowing I am brilliant because I wore layers of clothing, including two sweaters, gloves, scarf and hat.
4. Being SO FOCUSED on connecting with Kerry supporters that I barely felt the cold!
5. One Wisconsinite said, "It's quite a day to be out doing this," and I answered, "Yes, but that's okay!" And it was!
6. Repeated to self, "The Republicans are freezing their asses, too. The Republicans are freezing their asses, too."
7. I believe Wisconsin WILL "go blue" and their electoral votes will support President Kerry.

To all my great, leftist friends who don't like Bush but haven't considered doing much about it except voting on Nov 2nd:

Do you not have time to get involved with the presidential election? Is this political stuff just not your thing? What if I could 100% guarantee you that Kerry would be elected if you gave just TWO HOURS of your time, would you do it? What if I could 100% guarantee you that Kerry would be elected if you gave just 50 bucks? Would you do that? Or what if I could 100% guarantee you that Kerry would be elected if you gave just one day? Bush gone - guaranteed - for just one day out of your life?

Forget all the polls and predictions. It's time to just go full-speed ahead and know that electing John Kerry IS in our power. I'm giving up my Saturdays to freeze my ass in Wisconsin, but I'm not even asking you for that. You can do other things and never have to even go outside. Please, please read the opportunities below, pick one, and DO it. Citizens of every country in the world are watching and counting on us to get Bush out of office. We can't let them down again!

WISCONSIN: Yesterday (10/16) 1,000 (one thousand!) Chicagoans spent the day canvassing in Wisconsin. WE NEED TO KEEP THESE NUMBERS OF VOLUNTEERS UP! Please help fill all the buses going up to Wisconsin on Saturday the 23rd and 30th. RSVP to Your RSVP should include:
1) If you are willing to drive and how many volunteers you can take.
2) Your cellular phone number for the organizer
Volunteers are asked to arrive by 9:00a to get checked in with the coordinator.
Buses leave Chicago HQ at 57 West Grand Avenue and Evanston DPoeE HQ at 826 Custer @ 9:30 am. And Volunteers will be back in Chicago by 8:30 pm that night.

IOWA: Iowa's absentee ballots were mailed out last week and need to be picked up from now through election day, but can only be picked up by a certified courier. Chicagoans are being trained as couriers and will be making trips out to Iowa's East Side every weekend hereafter. Please RSVP to if you can help with the Iowa effort.

PHONEBANKING: If you can't go to Wisconsin or Iowa, spend an hour or two making phone calls to swing states. Everyone who shows up and makes some calls will feel like they are really making a diference. Phonebanking centers in Chicago are at the SEIU office at 120 S. Sangamon (M-Th 6-9p, Sat 10a-2p, Sun 4-7p)and the Kerry office at 57 W. Grand, 3rd floor (M-Th 5-9p, Sat 11.-6p, Sun 2p-6p). Centers in Evanston are 1715 Chicago Ave. (Thu 5p-8p) and DPOE 826 Custer St. 7p-9p. Contact or for more info. Please do it. You'll be glad you did! Or call 312-832-0220 x234.

The Rapid Response Network is running a media watch and needs writers, researchers and editors. This one lets you help out any time you have a few minutes. Great for night owls and those uncomfortable talking to strangers. Go to

Bill of Rights canvasser: hand out state-specific Voters' Bill of Rights in key neighborhoods where voting rights are at risk. Encourage voter participation on election day. Go to

The Election Protection Coalition has identified Illinois as "high-risk" for voting rights violations on Election Day. They urgently need volunteers to perform on-site poll monitoring, offer voter assistance and to report evidence of problems to the same-day legal assistance Voters' Hotline. All training will be provided. Volunteers from all walks of life are needed, but especially lawyers, law students, clergy and Spanish speakers. Go to

How much time can you commit on Election Day?
30 minutes - be a Mystery Voter and help monitor your polling place.
90 minutes - record your precinct's final vote tally to help watch the vote count.
8 hours - help monitor precincts and survey voters in swing states.
Go to

Be a judge of election. A judge of election is the official responsible for the conduct of the election in the precinct polling place. Judges of election are the backbone of the electoral process. You must apply and be trained and you do get paid. Go to


ELECTION DAY, Tuesday Nov 2nd: Take the day off of work. We must make sure all Kerry-supporters actually VOTE. Countless organizations are organizing efforts to get all Kerry-voters to the polls on Election Day. Go to or Move On PAC (Political Action Committee). Dick Durning is a Chicagoan organizing people to go up to Wisconsin on Election Day. Contact him at

GIVE MONEY: The Republicans have some of the wealthiest sources of cold hard cash, but we have the grassroots cashflow of millions of Democrats whose $50, $100 and hell $5 donations ADD UP. Contribute to Move On PAC or the Democratic National Committee.

Go to for more information about what's going on in Chicago.


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