Monday, October 25, 2004

Spend 4 Days in Wisconsin with me!

Canvassing on Saturday went well even though it rained the whole time. I think warm rain was a bit more inconvenient than the windy cold the week before, but once again, the weather did not matter to me. Reaching Kerry supporters and getting them to vote early was the goal. In Wisconsin, they can vote early at City Hall for two weeks before Nov 2. This time I was in Racine, working in a neighborhood of residents who were almost all Democrats, but have a low voting turnout rate. We offered to have a van pick them up if they needed a ride.

Here's the report from Illinois Kerry Travelers, one of the groups that headed to Milwaukee:

begin Daniel Biss email


Thanks so much to the Illinois Kerry travelers for another record-breaking turnout today.  We had about 320 volunteers in Wisconsin, and another 30 or so in Iowa!

We made thousands of critical voter contacts as this race approaches its home stretch.  Perhaps the most memorable moment occured when two buses covered in Kerry-Edwards paraphernalia and loaded with chanting volunteers drove right past a befuddled-looking Alan Keyes in downtown Chicago. (Yes, this actually happened.  But he looked
like he was used to hearing deafening "Obama! Obama!" cheers everywhere he went!)

Well, we're finally ready for the climactic weekend.  With many pundits suggesting that the whole election will come down to
Wisconsin, I can't  possibly stress enough how important your help will be. You've all given very generously of your time
already -- let's just make it a few more days to ensure a Kerry-Edwards victory!!

So, here's the scoop.  We need people for the whole four-day period Saturday 10/30 -- Tuesday 11/2.  This is what all your hard work for the last two months has been building up to!

First of all, if you can make it for the whole four days, please get back to us IMMEDIATELY! (contact: We will most probably be able to cover your hotel costs if you can stay for the full four days!  (Possibly a shared room.)

If you are interested in staying some nights but not the full four days, we should be able to find you housing with local Kerry supporters.

Next, we need drivers badly.  The effectiveness of volunteers will be predicated on their mobility.  So, while we will be running buses, we'd like to encourage you to drive if AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Lastly, here's the bus schedule.  You'll notice that the buses are quite early.  This is because these days will be incredibly hectic up in Wisconsin, and your help will be needed as early as you can possibly get there!

Saturday 10/30:
** Buses leave both 57 W. Grand (Chicago) and 826 Custer (Evanston) at both 8am and 9:30am.  Volunteers are asked to arrive a half hour before departure.
** Buses leave Wisconsin shortly after 6pm and return to Chicago/Evanston by 9pm.

Sunday 10/31:
** Buses leave both 57 W. Grand (Chicago) and 826 Custer (Evanston) at both 8am and 9:30am.  Volunteers are asked to arrive a half hour before departure.
** Buses leave Wisconsin shortly after 6pm and return to Chicago/Evanston by 9pm.

Monday 11/1:
** Tentatively, we are scheduling no buses for Monday.  We hope to get everyone up to Wisconsin by carpool.

Tuesday 11/2:
** Buses leave 57 W. Grand (Chicago) and 826 Custer (Evanston) at 8am.Volunteers are asked to arrive a half hour before departure.
** Buses leave Wisconsin shortly after 8pm and return to Chicago/Evanston by 11pm.

So, sorry for this deluge of information, but we wanted to make you aware of all the opportunities.  As always, please RSVP to Your RSVP should include the following information for each traveler:

1.  Name
2.  Phone number - cell if you have one, home otherwise.
3.  E-mail
4.  When exactly you are free to come to Wisconsin.
5.  Whether you can drive (and if so, how many others you could take).
6.  If you cannot drive, which buses you'd like to ride (time, date, location).
7.  In the event that you're staying overnight, whether you'd be willing to stay with a local Kerry supporter.  (Recall that
    people who would prefer not staying with local Kerry supporters and will not be in Wisconsin for four full days
    will be on their own to find housing.)

If you can't drive, but your availability does not correspond with the bus schedule, we will try to arrange a carpool for you.

One last time, thanks so much for all your hard work and devotion! Let's make it one last record-breaking four-day blitz for regime change!!!

end Daniel Biss email

That's it. Every nation on earth is watching and waiting for us to vote Bush out of office and I'm outta here. It's the freedom of those who are unemployed, unmarried and childless: can I sacrifice all my free time for four straight days? No problem! So, let's go - how can you resist? We'll get unlimited pizza and donuts, physical challenges of stamina and layering against the cold, the admiration and respect of those who don't have the time (or guts) to do it themselves, and the deep sleep of those who KNOW we're doing all we can to get Bush out of office. Ahhhh...

Someone asked me, "What if Bush wins?" My current response is that it's not time to worry about that yet, but even if he does, I will have the clear conscience of someone who did her part as an accountable American to clear him the hell out of office. Even if the worst happens, I will be able to live with myself.

How about you? Want to spend four days in Wisconsin with me? Or just volunteer one day or for a few hours? We're getting down to your last chance to rest easy, knowing you did your part...

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