Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Bra Freedom

(No, this has nothing to do with the election. Life goes on.)

I have stopped wearing a bra. I just can't be bothered with them anymore: they're uncomfortable, expensive and structurally ridiculous when you really think about it. Imagine a male equivalent that all men were expected to wear at all times, such as a cup to hold the testicles in place. Wouldn't that seem superfluous? And yet we believe bras actually serve a useful purpose. Why do the breasts need to be held in place? They won't fall off. Maybe people think that if I don't wear a bra, my breasts will become saggy and droopy and the tissues will be damaged with strong force such as when I jog. I don't buy it. And even if that were true, what difference does it make? If my breasts droop or fall off or whatever, so what? No one's using 'em and I don't expect anyone will be, so the shape they're in doesn't matter. I'm tired of lugging them around and having to keep them encased in this ridiculous structure that mainly exists to make the breasts look more attractive to men. That's no longer a priority for me.

And if not wearing a bra makes me seem tacky or slutty, let's remember that not so long ago the standards were reversed: just a couple of generations ago, "good girls" didn't wear bras and the ones that did risked being seen as cheap. Most women didn't wear brassieres and the ones that did were usually prostitutes, presenting their wares.

So, no bra for me! And I make a new goal of losing weight until I no longer have any chest at all. Ah, freedom...!

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Anonymous said...

I hate bras, you go!