Friday, November 12, 2004


Okay, look: forget about the suicide thing. I'm beginning to regret having posted it. I don't mean to bring people down or make their lives more complicated with yet another nuanced subject to develop an opinion on. I just get angry sometimes that mental illness is seen as completely different from "physical" illness even though mental illness actually has physical causes and should get the same sympathy as "physical" illness. For anyone with close family or, worse, dependents, suicide has devastating effects and should be avoided if at all possible. And those of us who don't have close family or any dependents...well, I don't doesn't seem like as many people would notice if we disappeared...

Anyway, for the record, I would be against suicide in most cases...unless the person is really, really in unbearable emotional pain. In that case, I have to say I still believe the ending of an individual's life should really be left up to the individual and I'm puzzled at how anyone can think otherwise.

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