Monday, November 01, 2004

Winning Wisconsin, Pt 4

We had to stop canvassing/calling during the Packers game because any campaign that interrupts a Packers Sunday will do their cause more harm than good. The Packers won, of course, because Kerry's going to win, too.

I canvassed from 3:30 until after dark. I was out there with the trick-or-treaters which was fun, but these badly lit streets and spooky houses were not fun. I felt afraid that I’d twist an ankle on an uneven flight of stairs and as the houses began to look more and more like abandoned frame houses from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remember I was alone), I decided I’d had enough. It was a bit scarier than I’d like.

Out of 45 houses, 16 were voting Kerry, 3 were voting Bush. I got the meanest Bushie yet. This guy opened the door, heard my “Hi, I’m Regina and I’m with the Wisconsin Democrat Coordinated Campaign. Can we count on your vote for Kerry on Tuesday?”

“Do I look that dumb?” he growled. I didn’t get it at first and smiled back, but he said, “I’m serious: do I look that stupid? Do you really think I’m voting for Kerry?”

I smiled brightly and said, “I am.”

“Well, you look that stupid.” I hesitated, then asked, “So, you’re voting for Bush?”

“You know it was you people that I saw out there the other night yelling at children and throwing things and spitting on them.” I had no idea what he was talking about, so I just said, “Oh no, that’s terrible,” and I turned away to leave.

“That was your people! Spitting on little kids!” he called after me. I said again, “Oh no, that’s terrible,” and kept moving.

“It’s a shame what you all are doing!” I was at the sidewalk now. I said in the exact same tone of voice “Oh no, that’s terrible,” and walked away. He was quite worked up by now.

Maybe the Bushies are getting meaner as they realize it’s all over for Bush. And here I go again, two more days of canvassing!

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