Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"Would you say music is your passion?"

Sometimes people who have just met me say things like, "So you really enjoy music?" I never know what to say to this. To me this question is similar to "So you really enjoy breathing?" Singing is simply what I'm hard-wired to do. It's not a choice, I don't evaluate it and I can't stop. Just as it wouldn't make sense to call breathing someone's hobby or a passion, it doesn't make sense for me to call singing a hobby or a passion. For me singing just is.

When people make comments about how hard it is to do music and how impressive it is that I stick with it, I also don't know what to say. Writing songs is part of how I process life and make sense of it. If I had no outlet or audience for any of my songs, I would still write them. It's just part of how I deal with things. I "stick with" music the same way I "stick with" breathing. How can I not? I admit that after I've written a song there are some conscious choices to be made, but they don't seem like hard ones. Once a song is done, it only makes sense to share it with someone else. If many people (including me) like it enough, then it makes sense to record it. Once it's recorded, I want to share it even more so I carry CD's around and sell them. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, George W. has to cut taxes, and I gotta sing.

Everyone does things that are impressive without realizing it. I'm floored by parenthood. Heck, I'm floored by girlfriend-hood. I'm also impressed by anyone who holds the same job for more than three years. I haven't managed that yet. And I'm impressed with accomplishments such as maintaining a car in the city, saving to buy a house, spending major holidays with people you're related to, and being one of those people who takes initiative. I see in help wanted ads this description of a person who's a "self-starter," "can work independently," and "takes initiative." I'm totally amazed by people who fit that description. Everyone does something that draws admiration yet feels to them as easy as breathing, or as easy as singing is for me.

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