Monday, December 27, 2004

The closest I get to a miracle

At my new restaurant job, I've been hampered by my lack of confidence as a server and my lack of experience. I'm hoping that as I get better at it, the money will flow, but for now I get lots and lots of two-person tables. The experienced people get the big parties, but I need to improve fast and get in on those big parties because right now I can't live on what I'm earning (about $1000/mo, but for eg. my rent is $615/mo!). Things have got to change.

Fortunately I had a Christmas breakthrough. After work on Christmas night, I went out with some co-workers and talked to them about the job, had some drinks, and then had a MUCH better shift tonight. In fact, it was the first shift I truly enjoyed because I did not freak out or become frightened at any point. Usually I make at least one mistake per shift that causes me to panic and start thinking, "That's it. They're going to fire me. That's it. They're going to fire me."

Tonight, incredibly, I stayed calm throughout, rode the waves of hectic-ness, kept smiling and truly stayed relaxed. It felt so good! I don't know what caused the shift, but now there's hope for this job work out. Only by staying calm will I truly improve and get those big parties. I really want this job to work out because I do enjoy it (plus I have lots of flirting opportunities, which is always good for this spinster). Either the comaraderie of my co-workers helped or I need to start drinking regularly (I rarely drink, but had three shots on Christmas night). I don't care, I'm just grateful for the new level of confidence and ease. Let's just call it the closest I can get to a Christmas miracle.

And let the money flow!

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