Saturday, December 04, 2004

New Job Doubts

I worked a seven-hour shift tonight. I enjoyed it. I'm becoming more a part of the team and the work is more familiar. The restaurant was busy and I had several tables and served lots of people and never even had a chance to sit down and eat my one-free-employee-meal-per-shift. I thought, finally tonight I'll make some money.

Well, after "tipping out" the bussers, the foodrunner and the bartender, I'm bringing home $67. Does that sound typical? How am I doing here? I'm afraid of one indicator: one couple didn't tip me at all. They simply drew a line through the place on the charge receipt where you'd write the tip amount. They must have been unhappy with my service although I don't remember doing that badly with anyone and I thought the evening went very well.

I continue to wonder how people make a living waiting tables?

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