Monday, January 10, 2005

Countless Souls, etc.

I appreciate Jackie's post on this same subject of the religious response to the incredible horror and destruction of the Dec. 26th tsunami. Jackie writes her response to the Newsweek article Countless Souls Cry Out to God and my post of last Friday. If I'm reading her correctly, she writes that "God" doesn't control everything. The earth moves independently of a some sapien god-force just as we move independently of some sapien god-force. This would counter the idea that there even IS a sapien god-force that has thoughts and will and volition and control over everything (and knows all the hairs on your head, etc.).

This is what I believe and what I THINK is consistent with Jackie's piece: there is no sapien god-force with thoughts and will and volition that is appropriately referred to as a "He" or "She" and that feels human emotions and has human responses. That sapien god-force that so many of us think of as paternal, external and unknowable does not exist. That "God" does not exist.

Okay, good. I'm sure Jackie will correct me if I read her piece incorrectly.

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