Monday, January 24, 2005

Dating, Part Six

Startling moment: I have a date tonight with a new guy who looks great online and sounds great on the phone, and...I don't want to. I'd rather go out with the guy who drove me home last night, the one who thinks there's no information to be gleaned from my lack of marriage history.

Footnote: thanks to my good friend Robert Cowie who offered to go to Las Vegas with me and get legally married for five minutes just so I can say I'm divorced. He did it because I point out that in past generations a divorced woman was much more suspect than a never-married one, but today I struggle with the opposite social mindset. I'm at a definite disadvantage as a 38-year-old, never-married woman and I'd LOVE to be divorced, but I've decided the Las Vegas plan is too expensive. And, okay, yes, too ridiculous.

Sub-footnote: Today I am exactly 38 and a half years old. A very merry un-birthday to me!

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