Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Last Night

I had called the Elbo Room to see what time I should be there. The guy I spoke to said to be there before 9:00 pm. I got there at 8:35, but the signup sheet was full. I was very annoyed, but took off for another open mic at Subterranean. I arrived there in plenty of time for their open mic and the signup sheet had plenty of spaces, but they wouldn't let me in without an I.D. and I had left my wallet in my gym bag. Furious with myself, I insisted on signing up anyway and took off to get my wallet.

I was with a very patient and generous friend who didn't once complain about all the driving around, especially the drive back to my apartment to get my I.D. (30 minutes each way), and when I finally got myself into an open mic and was waiting for my turn, I began to feel better. My songs went well, I got more email addresses, I got positive comments about my performance and gave out some flyers so life was good...for a few minutes, until I found I'd sat on my glasses and bent them. Fortunately that only annoyed me for as long as it took for me to become absorbed in the next singer who had little control over her pitch. All in all, I'd say the night sucked except for periods of things going well. I wish it had been the other way around.

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