Monday, January 03, 2005

A singer who dreams of being a waitress

Why my new restaurant job is good for me:

1. Constant interaction with others leaves little time for sitting and crying.
2. Teamwork feeds my need for community.
3. My co-workers are fun people who make me laugh and help me keep perspective on my life.
4. The challenge of interpersonal dynamics is fascinating to me.
5. Male co-workers give me a lot of attention (this boosts my ego except when it creeps me out).
6. Gives me a place to go so I don't just sit in my apartment, crying.
7. Physical work feels SO much better than sitting at a desk all day.
8. I like the managers and no longer have a boss I can't stand.
9. Free meals!
10. I can once again say I LOVE MY JOB (hasn't been true since Arthur Andersen went under).

The main challenge of this job is mastering the waitressing skills fast enough to earn decent money. I have a way to go before I'll be able to "turn over" (serve people and get them out of there so the next party can sit down) my tables as fast as I need to. Until then, extra shifts will have to help me earn the rent. I envy those who have served for years and can do it so much more easily. I long to be a seasoned server with many years under my belt so I can handle the large parties and earn good money. It'll be a little while yet.

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