Sunday, March 27, 2005

Deliver Us From Right-to-Life Idiots

Okay, I know I need to actually create a legal document that would give details about what I'd want done in various circumstances, but let me at least pound out a draft here (the following written instructions are to be superceded by any instructions, written or verbal, that I might give in the future regarding these circumstances).

If I were:
- in a vegetative state, and
- brain-dead and unable to perform basic bodily functions necessary for survival, such as swallowing, and
- completely unable to communicate with anyone or even give signs of recognition, and
- found by more than one doctor to have no reasonable hope for any improvement or change, and
- completely being kept alive by machines and external equipment,

Then --

I would prefer to be unplugged, that is, I would prefer to be allowed to die as my body would naturally do if it were not hooked up to external machines and equipment.

AND if I were:
- completely physically incapacitated as described above, but
- showed signs of brain function and a lucid, reasoning mind, but
- there was no hope for any improvement that would ever allow me to communicate in any way ever again and there was no treatment, however risky and life-threatening, that could even be attempted to improve my condition,

Then --

I would definitely prefer to be allowed to die because the second condition sounds FAR WORSE to me than the first. Unplug me without hesitation.

Okay. Now I'm going to bed. Happy Easter.

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