Monday, March 14, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

On Wednesday I rented the 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite. (I like this website, too.) On Friday I watched it. On Saturday and Sunday I watched it again. I might watch it once more before I return it. I wish I had seen it in the theater because this movie TOTALLY deserved my support. It deserves everyone's support. I love movies that are more a character study than a story. This movie has almost no plot at all and yet it's fascinating. It shows the painful high school world we all know: the annoying sibling, the incompetent school faculty, the girl/guy you like but pretend you don't, the surreal nightmare of the school dance. And yet it shows me a world that's foreign and fascinating because it shows the midwestern, guy version of awkward adolescence: the guy code of almost non-verbal friendship, the weird confidence total geeks often have, the never-say-die perseverance that leads them to their totally unlikely successes. Napoleon's perpetual exasperation and disgust with everyone around him clearly shows his unawareness that he's the one who's odd. It's totally great. I totally recommend that everyone see this movie. Now.

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