Friday, April 29, 2005

Eat at Carson's

In a society full of lost fitness dreams and nutritional good intentions gone bad, there's one place you can be sure to get a plateful of carbs, high sodium content and slow-cooked meat: Carson's the Place for Ribs!

I've been a server at the downtown Carson's (612 N. Wells, near Ontario) for five months now and it's a great job, but I dream of the night when the manager says, "Regina, you have a request." That means someone actually asked for a table in MY section. I work on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Aim for a Tuesday or Sunday evening when it's a little slower. Here's the menu so you can decide which credit card to bring.

And if you're someone I don't know, come on down and introduce yourself as someone who has read my blog. That would be REALLY wild.

612 N. Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 280-9200

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