Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tax Day Eve

Happy Tax Day Eve. I have now done my taxes. Time for a beer. I used Telefile, although the message said this is the last year Telefile will be available. Next year they want everyone to file online, or use the regular forms and the U.S. mail, which I guess will always be available. I think the end of Telefile is terrible. The government clearly people to have online access, but a lot of people don't, unless you count public libraries and that access is very limited because of library hours and high demand.

We can't assume that everyone has access to the Internet, even though cybergeeks like me want to assume that everyone does. It's lovely to think my blog is available to everyone, but that's pure fantasy. Being directed to a website for information or services only works for a minority of the U.S. population, people! Let's keep it realistic.

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