Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Canada Needs People!

The Gannett News Service reports the following in "Canadian companies woo Mexicans:"

MEXICO CITY — As the United States fortifies its border with Mexico, Canadian companies are reaching out to immigrants frustrated by U.S. restrictions and tempted by dreams of a better life in Canada.

The Canadian government has been relaxing its immigration rules in an effort to attract students and skilled workers from all over the world. That, and the push by companies promising jobs and visas, is attracting Mexican professionals turned off by the Minuteman Project, a civilian patrol on the Arizona-Mexico border, as well as new border walls and tougher U.S. entry requirements.


Mexicans can enter Canada just by showing a passport, much easier than the long, expensive process of getting U.S. visas. Canada also has a widely praised farm-worker program and is aggressively courting foreign students.

The country also has an easy-to-follow process for getting work permits that assigns points based on certain skills. The U.S. system is more subjective, with consular officials wielding the power to approve or reject applications without explanation.

Why does Canada make itself so accessible? They need people:

“Our population is shrinking and getting older,” said David Rosenblatt, a Canadian immigration lawyer whose firm advertises in Mexico. “Canada, in order to survive and grow, needs to get more skilled workers.”

So forget the U.S! I love the idea of our arrogant country missing out on precious resources (immigrant labor and brainpower) because of its racism and weird xenophobic exploitative ignorance. I wish everyone well who passes up el norte in favor of building their "American" dream in el norte norte instead.

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