Friday, May 13, 2005

Constantly date, part two

Women, if you actually make it to an exclusive relationship, guarantee its failure by remembering:

1. Love at first sight is true love and vice versa.

2. Falling in love takes only a few days. Hell, if it’s meant to last, maybe a few hours.

3. Go ahead and have sex early and often. It will make you both more in love with each other in that “forever” way.

4. The second you feel the mad impulse to say “I love you,” go for it!

5. People who belong together, look good together.

6. That shimmery, giddy infatuation lasts forever. If it fades, dump him.

7. Once in a relationship you can stop being nice, looking good or showing appreciation. Be as horrible as you want. If it’s true love, nothing can harm it.

8. If, after a few weeks, you have any doubts at all about being able to love this man forever, dump him.

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