Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cramps and Housekeys

What a night. It started with quite a bit of pain that I knew I had to get rid of it before my shift ("monthly" pain, no big deal). The (male) pharmacist recommended Aleve which I'd never taken, but I urgently needed to be pain FREE for my Friday night shift at Carson’s. I popped two Aleve before I left for work and by the time I started the shift the pain was gone but so was my lucidity - I felt like I wanted to pass out! Alarmed at my mental cloudiness, I drank a bunch of coke/diet coke, but I underestimated how much food I had in my system and the caffeine totally fritzed me out: by the time the dinner rush started I was buzzed, nervous and physically shaking. And a little bit paranoid. What a mess. Eating would have helped, but at that point there was no time and anyway I had no saliva flow (again, the Aleve). Even bread or fries quickly stuffed into my mouth weren't going down easily.

By the time the caffeine wore off (and the Aleve cloudiness came back since those two pills lasted me about 7.5 hours), I was through with most of the shift. I was also starving, yet had no appetite. Drugs are so weird. You can never know how you'll react. I finally made myself eat a meal at around 10:30 p.m. and soon after that the Alleve finally wore off, thank god.

Then I went to this going away party for a co-worker which it wasn't as bad as I'd feared, but it really wasn't my scene: everyone was drinking and I just don't like the taste of alcohol. I left pretty early (1:30 a.m.), but then I couldn't find my house keys. One last obstacle to be overcome, can you believe it? Thank god they were in my apartment door when I got home. My neighbors buzzed me into the building. Let's hear it for neighbors who tend to be up at all hours of the night. They don’t speak English so I have no idea what they’re doing but their light is always on.

Can anyone recommend anything for ferocious $%^-damned menstrual cramps from hell? Something that won't put me to sleep? I've never had such a problem before. Do cramps get worse as you get old?

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