Thursday, June 30, 2005

Before the movie started

“So, are you seeing this movie for the completely hopeless terror and the belief that we’re all doomed and there’s no escape?” I asked the young, beach-shorts-wearing man sitting next to me in the theater.
“Oh. I am.”
Then I gave my theory, “I think the reason people want to see another version of War of the Worlds now is that it’s all about giving into total, raw fear. I think we’re so tired of trying to restrain our panic and stay reasonable and not let fear take over that it’s appealing to just let the terror go and just be like, ‘Everybody, it’s time to panic! Run! They’re after us! Yes, it IS that bad! Ru-u-un!’. It’s just a total giving in to our worst fears and we're ready for it. I know I am.”

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