Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Turn off AC, lose weight?

I have a friend who might not want me to mention her name (Ceece) with whom I was discussing weight gain and loss. She was talking about our tendency to eat less when it's very hot. I've noticed I tend to crave more salads and fresh fruit when the temp is up in the summer and I can get away with eating less without my body responding with hunger. She has noticed the same thing. We considered the possible evolutionary advantage that this might indicate: maybe the human body more willingly loses weight in hot weather because it needs less fat in order to stay cool. My friend (Ceece) further speculated that maybe we could use this to advantage by turning off our air conditioners and seeing if our bodies indeed shed extra fat more easily in a natural effort to slim down and stay cool.

I'm in. We decided that working in an air conditioned environment is okay, as is being in air conditioning when we don't have much choice (at the supermarket, on the train, etc.), but at home we would do our best to get along with fans and open windows. Will consistent heat diminish our hunger and release pounds? We'll see.

Comments? Are we deluded? Are we full of it? Even if our theory is true, will we gain it all back as soon as the Chicago temperatures plummet in winter?

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