Monday, June 27, 2005

Yes, It Is a Big Fat Deal

I just have to draw some more attention to this blog, Big Fat Deal. I think I first linked it to mine about a year ago and it's just one of the best uses of a blog that I've seen. It's creator, Mopie ("more pie"), draws our attention to:

- ignorant, rude and often sexist remarks about weightgain/weightloss and people who are overweight (particularly irritating when such comments come from nuritionists, health experts and others who should know better).

- ignorant and rude comments made by celebrities who are fat-paranoid.

- positive, EVERYbody-empowering views and actions that celebrate big bodies.

- information on weightloss (both encouraging and discouraging).

- an ongoing discussion of weight, fitness and body-image issues.

And Big Fat Deal generally serves as a place I can go to feel better about my body and fitness problems because the comments people make remind me of that many women struggle with the same body-issues I do. In fact, I believe almost all American women struggle with the same body issues, whether we're fat OR thin.

So yay, Mopie! If you've already seen this website, see it again. And tell her I sent you.

P.S. I will be at the Uncommon Ground open mic night tonight at 8:00 p.m.

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