Sunday, July 31, 2005


San Diego, California that is. This week my sister settles into her new home in Katy, Texas. A 15-year resident of (and now refugee from) the sadly corrupt city of San Diego, she now tells all her California friends to move to Katy (my sister and I were born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Francisico Bay Area. I fled 17 years ago). For more information on (the excellent) real estate in Katy, Texas, go to or Or you can read more on the current train wreck that is the San Diego City Hall.

My sister just bought a roomy three-bedroom house in Katy, Texas for $108,000 (it was built four years ago). In San Diego, housing costs many times that and only 10% of the San Diego population can afford the median cost of housing (in the general U.S. population, 50% can afford the median cost of housing). My sister also relishes filling up her gas tank for just $2.10 a gallon.

California. You can have it.

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