Monday, July 18, 2005


My life:

1. Guilt for ignoring my blog for so long.
2. Irritation and confusion regarding recent familial reaction to it.
3. Uncertain happiness with the guy I'm dating. Have stopped dating others. Might have boyfriend. Wish I weren't afraid of the word "boyfriend."
4. Cautious optimism about waitressing job that's finally getting easier as I learn to do it better.
5. Current obsession with the History Channel: keep getting sucked into documentaries about things like the French revolution, bootlegging, the U.S. advance on Tripoli, anything, it doesn't matter they're all great STORIES.
6. Renewed optimism about health and fitness as certain huge, gaping NEEDS in my life are filled and my 36-year Cake Fever abates.
7. Feeling remarkably okay about birthday on July 24th. I'll be 39.
8. Search for guitarist/musical collaboration partner continues (using online ad and Reader print ad). Wish I didn't get discouraged so easily, but it took years to find boyfriend. Why should this go any better?
9. Guilt, guilt, guilt about ignoring blog since July 2nd, but didn't know what to do after family freaked out about it. (Send your email address to if you want more on this.)
10. Will now see what's playing on the History Channel.

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