Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Carson's Phoenix

The good news: Carson's Ribs, where I have worked since last fall, is under new management and has some exciting changes in the works. The bad news: I don't know if I'll have a job there much longer.

You know how I've complained that business is slow at Carson's Ribs on Wells Street? Well, it turns out I was right: this business has been a sinking ship for a while now. It's family-owned and a new family member is taking over the helm and he has plans for new decor, new dining room design, improved menu, tighter rules, etc. all of which I hope means MORE BUSINESS! A couple of the restaurants will be closing, but the one I work in will remain open. I imagine there will be a lot of "employee shuffling" going on as they try to place employees at the remaining locations, but since they'll probably only keep the best and the brightest and most senior, I don't expect to be around much longer. I have about five minutes of seniority and only two people have been hired since I was.

It's kind of scary and everyone's nervous. Some workers' hours are being cut and others are being laid off. The hope of new business is balanced by the scariness of getting ready to find other jobs. Oh, well. I survived the Arthur Andersen collapse in 2002 (I was a secretary there when Andersen was indicted by the Department of Justice and went out of business), so I'll be okay. Andersen was a much scarier experience: going to work every day with 3,000 people all freaking out at the same time. Much more drama, much greater losses (many more tv crews). Carson's isn't that bad. Also on the bright side, I'm learning to handle job loss and that's an important skill to have these days.

Anyway, I don't KNOW that I'll be laid off. I just won't be surprised if it happens. If only the Carson's menu could also be made healthier (we have a lot of overweight regular customers)....

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