Thursday, August 25, 2005

Longing, Part Three

In his cassette series, Prosperity Consciousness: How to Tap Your Unlimited Wealth, Fredric Lehrman, a motivational speaker, talks about meeting three monks who are going to visit a big city. The two young monks are awed by the sights, excited by the crowds and completely distracted from their usual meditation-centered lives. The older monk remains calm and centered and takes all the city bustle in stride. When Lehrman makes this observation to the older monk, the monk explains that the two young monks have lived their whole lives in the monastery and have never seen the city, but he himself had a full life as an actor in the city before he became a monk. Because the older one has had his fill of that world, visiting it doesn't throw him out of balance.

There is huge value in having your fill of something so that longing for it doesn't throw your life out of balance. I believe that some of the happiest and most satisfied people are women who have been married and divorced and have decided they have no interest in being married again. They know that world and have no need to chase after it. I envy them.

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