Thursday, August 04, 2005

Take Your Meds

I'd just like to remind everyone who depends on a little daily chemical help that it is very important that you take your meds as prescribed. Forgetting, deciding you don't need them anymore, wanting to wean yourself off without your doctor's guidance, etc. are not good ideas. When those of us who rely on daily medication start !#$%-ing around with our doses, we can have really bad days of either withdrawal symptoms or the old symptoms coming back. When this happens, it's important to GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS. Those of us on anti-depressants must not be fooled by joy, sexual satisfaction, infatuation, cheerfulness or any other chimera that masquerade as happiness. Despite any evidence of actually enjoying our lives, we must take our meds.

Must take meds, must take meds, must take meds...must not forget...damn it....

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