Saturday, September 03, 2005

For political debate and scrutiny

Really, go to Daily Kos for searing analysis of the situation and excellent debate and discussions. Here are some excerpts from one thread:

"...being from abroad (France) it's so hard to understand how the richest country in the world failed this badly." - williamreymond

"Right now I am ashamed of this administration for destroying what OUR country used to stand for. The rest of the world is shaking their head at us, they are realizing how far we have fallen, and it is in my opinion, the direct result of the GOP who will be held accountable for this disaster. The one thing I know is this: Give us a good democrat in the WH, and a good Democratic Senate/house and our good name will once again mean what it used to mean to Americans, and to the world." - SanJoseLady

"I hear FedEx is providing free shipping of donations to the Red Cross.  A (wingnut) friend of mine owns a small shipping business in Mount Vernon, OH, and he had three big boxes and a sign outside calling for donations.  Here was the list of things he printed out that people need:

Canned and/or non-perishable food
Baby food/formula/bottles/wipes/diapers
Bottled Water
Toiletries - toothpaste, deorderant, etc
First Aid Kits/Supplies
Sealed Over the counter meds
Feminine Products
Small Games/Toys/Coloring Books
Pre-paid phone cards
Pet Food
I put together a few boxes of stuff to take down tomorrow.  I post this here, because if people can volunteer or donate at one of these relief sites, these are some things you maybe could take.  Or, you may want to call around to shipping places near you and see if they'll ship this stuff to people who need it for free. Ironically, this list is very similar to what our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan need." - Lufah

And here's a link to an excellent list of ways people can help the thousands of displaced school children who will be flooding Houston's school district in just a few days: Houston Independent School District (HISD). It includes requests for school supplies and MORE TEACHERS. Anybody who ever wanted to teach schoolchildren, this would be the opportunity.

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