Saturday, September 17, 2005

Reasons I Wish the Airline Had Not Lost My Luggage

1. Housekeys (I know, I know. I forgot to transfer them from the suitcase to my purse before I got on the plane).
2. $100 cash (I know, I know. I forgot).
3. Hard copy address book with addresses and phone numbers going back years.
4. Cell phone recharger (yeah).
5. All my good bras. Every one of them, except the one I'm wearing.
6. Metamucil.

Usually, I don't pack so much because I don't take trips that last more than five days, but because this was a family emergency, I had no idea when I'd be back. I packed a lot. Now it's all gone. Damn. My friends and readers, please send me stories of getting lost luggage back (the airline will call in the next five days) but please DO NOT send me anything about luggage that was never recovered. Thanks.

At least it feels good to sit at my own computer again.

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