Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I won! I won!

Nick and Tony's is owned by Restaurants America, which owns many restaurants and chains across the country. Last week, to get a lot of Effen Vodka sold, the area manager announced a contest between the three main downtown Chicago restaurants, which are Nick and Tony's, One North (on Wacker) and The Grill Room (on Monroe). He wanted to see which restaurant could sell the most Effen Vodka. Bob Martin, our general manager and fearless leader, really leaned on us to sell this stuff. He says he hates coming in second to anyone for anything so he offered $50 to the person who sold the most Effen Vodka and $25 to the person who sold the second most.

Seeing it as a game, I took the challenge and pushed the Effen Vodka, especially last Friday afternoon when I had all these tables of people sitting outside in the gorgeous afternoon, slurping down Bloody Marys and Sea Breezes. And I ended up winning the contest! Bob announced the winners today and handed me a new $50 dollar bill (which I immediately tucked into my bra so I wouldn't get it mixed up with my tip money). Fifty bucks for saying, "We're having a special this week on Effen Vodka. It's six fifty a drink for any drink using Effen Vodka." Bob also announced that our restaurant sold 142 Effen Vodka drinks and the other two restaurants sold about 40 combined, so we totally beat them. He was very pleased.

So I made a serious bundle of tips that Friday afternoon from all that drink-serving, plus I won $50 for doing it. Life is so much easier at Nick and Tony's than it ever was at Carson's. The only thing that was easy to do at Carson's was exhaust myself.

I won fifty bucks in a selling contest at my new job! I am awesome.

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