Sunday, October 23, 2005

Reluctant Sox Fan

Okay, so as you know, I work in a restaurant. Saturday nights are the best nights to make fistfuls of money, so I was disappointed last night when the place was pretty empty. Between the rain and the Sox game, not many people came out to eat Italian downtown. This is that main reason I am seriously rooting for the White Sox, who I never cared about before now: I need this World Series wrapped up before next weekend so we can get some good crowds on Saturday and Sunday nights. Tonight was even deader than last night and I can't afford this. Game Six CANNOT be next Saturday, especially because Saturday is the night the servers will be wearing Halloween costumes at Nick and Tony's. On Saturday the 29th, I'll be wearing my sexy bee costume (see previous post) and it will be TOO sad if the staff is dressed up with no customers. That can't happen!

So please, White Sox: let's wrap up this world Series in the first four games and be done with it! I really can't afford the Series to last into next weekend.

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