Saturday, February 11, 2006

Homage to Green Catfish

I give up. I just don't like alcohol. My 2005 new year's resolution was to start drinking and I did develop a taste for alcohol, by which I mean I stopped gagging when I drink it. But once I overcame my tastebuds' aversion, I noticed that I don't like the effects it has on me. I do not like the way I feel while I'm drinking alcohol and I don't like the way it affects me the next day (nausea, tiredness or just weaker workouts). Since I still don't actually LIKE the taste, I can say that I just don't like anything about alcohol. I was hoping that drinking would make me feel more like an adult, and it did for a while. But now I feel like a stunted teenager again.

A drinking failure.

Trying to feel like a mature, real adult by taking up smoking seems stupid (as opposed to the drinking attempt which was pure genius). But maybe I can take up quitting smoking. I'll wear a patch and carry nicotine gum with me. I'll pop it in my mouth and chew it furiously whenever I come across a stressor. I'll complain way too loudly about how annoying stray smoke is.

Yeah. That's it.

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