Friday, February 24, 2006

Thrill of a New Job

Okay, so at the end of last week, my second week on the job as hostess (cupcake) of the Grillroom, I felt an increased level of confidence and knowledge of the tasks. I felt far from 100% mastery (or even 75%), but I felt like I was definitely improving. Then the assistant manager told me I just wasn't fast enough and I needed to be getting these tasks down faster. About an hour later, she asked me, "So do you think you'll be able to wait tables here? It's three times as busy as Nick and Tony's and the customers are twice as important." I just looked at her. It is a very busy restaurant and I'd been wondering the same thing, but it was still discouraging to hear her voice it.

Yesterday, near the end of my third week, I felt an ever higher level of confidence. Now I'm getting it, I thought. Then the general manager gave me some feedback indicating that I'm still not as good at this job as she had expected me to be at this point. She said my response times aren't quick enough, I'm not gathering and assimilating information as I should be, and getting through a shift is requiring more of her than it should.

What do these people want?? This really is the best I can do. This might not be the restaurant for me. It doesn't have ebb and flow, just really busy lunches every day, every day. I like a place that sometimes has a fast pace, but that also has a slow pace at times. I don't like always being in the rush-rush-rush, hurry-hurry-hurry. If that's what the Grillroom is, then maybe this is a job I should reconsider.

But this is my best performance at this point, and I will NOT feel bad about it.

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