Friday, March 03, 2006

Lyrics to Solterona ("Spinster")

© Regina Rodríguez 2004

Tía Veronica sits in wedding lace inherited from abuelita.
All the dreams of family are sewn into it.
But as she feels the lace against her face
she sees into her mother's life.
All the pain, endless drain,
a lonely angry wife.
And she says,

I live my life as I want it to be.
I refuse to re-use another's dreams.
Esta es mi propria vida.
No la doy porque soy
mi misma duena.

Tía Veronica earns her way to the day
she's the center of her life.
She resists marriage bliss.
Sometimes it's just a lie.
Collar-free she can be
a beacon for another kind of chance.
Crimson heels tap the feel of a solterona's dance.
And she says


Now we yield to the feel
of freedom in our veins.
Make the world, shape the world
as we change.
Stretching full, feel the pull
as inner passion leads.
Full embrace, leads the chase
after our own dreams.
And we say


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